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Warhead-Designz Founder.
The above Image is David Watts, founder of Warhead-Designz.

First we'd like to talk a little bit about David and his experience.
David started off learning game development at the age of 8 when he was playing Command & Conquer games, at the time David didn't know modding existed, but with a little research effort David discovered the beautiful world of Modding.

David worked on Mods ranging from an all time popular mod called "Terminator: A New Fate" which repeatedly hit top headlines around Command & Conquer news websites, the mod was subsequently shutdown as at the time he didn't know about IP Laws. But David has also worked on fun little mods in C&C Renegade where you use all the Vehicles in the game on 3D Supercross Track racing.

After becoming an adult David had transferred all his learnt knowledge when he went into the State Military Defense Force and began programming for Intelligence Fields, which we are sure you understand he can't talk about. 

David in 2014 started Warhead-Designz while currently still in the state military and wasn't able to put all his time into it until 2016, which at the time he was still focused on maintaining Assets he released to the public on the Unity Assetstore, now half-way through 2017 David is now able to fully realize his vast knowledge into making fun exciting games for everyone to play!

We are excited to began a new, despite being past half way through 2017, we are working focusing all of our energy on one game at a time, that way we can better use our resources to bring much more enjoyable games for you - the players.

We hope you stick around, because we are sure we will have something in store for you soon!

Thank you for visiting Warhead-Designz.
Founder - David Watts.
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