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Current development and...

Post by N1warhead » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:33 pm

This news will be quite informative, we are just wanting to inform all of you where we are currently at in development and what we plan to do before announcing the game.

Okay here's the following we have done so far.
  • Basic main menu
  • Basic options menu
  • Saving and Loading player data
  • Money system (just in-game money), no not IAP crap. Just in-game money.
  • Basic character creation
  • Male / Female character choices
  • NPC Logic (some)
  • Network Syncing between players and actions the players do
  • NPC's sync properly when joining a region in the world, so they will all be in the same spot on everyones screen without syncing updates every second, this wasn't easy, normally most people would just sync the object over the network, but if you're smart, you'll do what we did, pretty much what is happening is, when the client joins the game, it requests to the master the information on where the NPC is located and where it is going, and the rest is done on the local client so we don't have to flood the Network with un-needed data.
  • We've made objects where they can be destroyed locally or over a network (Depending, so we can make some things more-so local or network driven), for example - if there's a key piece of the game that is part of the story line, we can't exactly let other players take it and not let you get it, so we can toggle these objects to destroy just locally on your client so others can still get it. But things such as hearts that spawn from killing a bad guy, we can make it where they destroy for everyone - if we want.
  • We've made a dynamic waypoint system with looping or reverse also including pausing NPC movements at specific waypoints to simulate like guards walking down a castle path.
  • We've made some level art (obviously heh).
  • As of now we have only two starting player types (Male and Female) and One enemy. We are more so focusing on mechanics of the game before doing tons of art work, making enemy AI for only one object, but making it Modular so we can just put the enemy AI scripts on the newly made enemies and just change a couple settings and done.
Now the stuff we want to do before announcing the game
  • We'd like to add more controller types (Xbox One and Super Nintendo Controllers) for the PC, Mac and Linux. (Xbox remote is done), we are waiting on Super Nintendo Controllers to arrive in the mail.
  • Finish our NPC Systems to make them more dynamic.
  • Add a couple more enemies and some more traditional 8 BIT Enemy AI. (We're trying to keep this game to the roots of traditional NES limits).
  • More level art
  • Events in the game so we can make a more enticing announcement trailer.
  • Fix our User Interface to make it more traditional NES Zelda style.
That's really all that's left we'd like to accomplish before announcing the game. And in reality - it sounds like a lot, but it's really not. I mean it is, but at the same time it's not.

But that's it folks, we hope you found this informative and we hope to see you again!
Take care,
David Watts - Owner of Warhead-Designz.

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