Development of Stealth Title

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Development of Stealth Title

Post by N1warhead » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:21 am

Some info about the current stealth title.

Well as you may know by now, we've been pushing little hints about a Stealth title we've been working on, we are wanting to give you a bit more information that can help you better understand when it may be announced - there is no official announcement date as of this moment as we want to make sure we can give you the best quality announcement trailer.

Okay with this being said, we're going to go over what all needs to be done before we even begin doing an announcement.
Keep in mind the list might appear slightly vague, but it's really not that bad, and truthfully we are going out on a limb telling you this, we just figure our dedicated fans would like to hear something about the title, instead of being in the shadow with what is actually happening, instead of just seeing "Game Announcement soon!", that stuff doesn't help, so we enjoy bringing the community into the development of the game.

List of things to be done before Announcement. (At least a majority).
  • Enemies (we need more enemies).
    More level art.
    Getting more of the main game mechanics nailed down.
    The obvious bug testing - last thing we want is to have an announcement trailer where bad guys are zipping around at Warp 10 hehe.
    Getting more Net Code set up.
    More player costumes (Secret for them to be discussed in announcement).
    More weapons - bladed, projectile, explosives.
That pretty much sums of a vast majority of even the entire game, but we're going to get some form of announcement teaser trailer soon, I know we keep saying "Soon", we know this can be quite vague and realize you want something now, just hold on a little longer. We'd say somewhere within the next couple months, no guarantee's, but it's what we are currently aiming for.

We also realize this isn't an easy way to gather a following, only thing we can really tell you is it is a retro 8-Bit inspired Online RPG.
That's really the only details we feel comfortable sharing as of this moment, just hold on a bit longer and we will have something for you soon.

Thank you again,
Founder of Warhead-Designz, David Watts.

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