Below is a list of assets we have released for the Unity Asset Store.

  1. Eclectic Master System

    - A complete alternative workflow system for the editor, it's a complete overhaul that makes things much more quicker and easier on you as a developer.
  2. Realtime Hearing AI

    - This asset is quite unique, it allows you to code any A.I. reactions in your game to actually HEAR (the real YOU) through a microphone, so if your mom, sister, wife or whoever shouts at you, you can make the A.I. react to that and try to do whatever you'd like. Perfect for horror games!
  3. Physics Inspector

    Physics Inspector is an editor extension that can help with getting precise values from things such as (Velocity and Impact Forces). Also is a visual aid in determining if your objects are moving faster than what you want them too.
  4. Snippet Manager

    Snippet Manager is an easy and yet powerful way to store all your snippets (or even entire scripts) at the click of a button across ALL projects you have. Snippet Manager will know exactly where they are so there will never be a reason to have to go locating them.
  5. UniTOON - Ultra

    .Are you tired of plain old no-detailed Cartoon Shaders? I sure am! I have been rigorously working on this new set of 20 toon shaders. UniToon - Ultra